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Want to go to the USA for the holidays? If yes, then you definitely need a USA visitor visa. USA visitor visa is also known as B2 visa. It is a visa which you need for visiting the USA for travel purpose. It is a tourist visa which you need to obtain before going to the USA. It is a kind of non-immigrant visa issued only for travel, tourism, and medication purposes. The major thing to note is that you are not allowed to work in the USA with the tourist visa. If you need to work there or acquire any kind of education then you must apply for USA Business Visa (B1 visa).

You can extend the time period of your stay up to 6 months. But this is subjected to approval. Your duration of stay is not mentioned in the Visa. It entirely depends on the immigration inspector. The immigration inspector on your arrival in the USA decides the duration of your stay.

USA Visitor Visa

Activities permitted on a tourist visa

Before applying for a tourist visa make sure that your purpose falls under the categories given below. These are the only activities that are allowed on a tourist visa.

  1. Tourism
  2. Have holidays with friends and family.
  3. To visit the friends and family living there.
  4. To acquire any kind of medical treatment.
  5. To attend any kind of event organized by social or service organizations.
  6. To participate in any kind of sports or musical events. This is only allowed if you are not being paid for your participation.

Activities prohibited on a tourist visa

If the purpose of your visit to the USA is one of the following then you cannot apply for a tourist visa. The following activities are not allowed to be carried out on a tourist visa:

  1. Enrollment in any institution for acquiring education.
  2. Any employment purpose. You are not allowed to work with a tourist visa.
  3. Performance or participation in any kind of events for which you are being paid.
  4. Arriving as crewmen on any aircraft or ship.
  5. For working in any kind of information media like press, print journalism or any other.
  6. For being a permanent resident in the USA.

How to get a US tourist visa?

Just simply follow the required visa process to get a US tourist visa.
For qualifying the USA visa visitor process following conditions must be met:

  1. In accordance with US laws and regulations, the consulate must be convinced about the strong ties of the applicant with his/her resident country.
  2. The consulate must be convinced about that applicant visit is temporary.
  3. Applicant’s passport must be in good condition. It is very necessary for getting a USA visitor visa.

If all goes well, you will have your USA visitor visa.