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Want to enjoy the sight of archaic monuments of UK? If yes, then apply for a UK tourist Visa. UK tourist visa allows you to visit the UK for leisure, meeting family and friends and for holiday purposes. UK visitor visa is also known by the name Standard Visitor Visa or UK short stay visa. With the help of a visitor visa, you can visit the UK for private medical treatment and professional reasons.

You should apply for a UK tourist visa before 3 months of your trip. You must not apply before this. The earliest you can apply is before 30 days. With the UK visitor visa, you can stay up to 6 months in the UK. This does not mean you cannot have a short trip. You can apply for a shorter duration also.

If you need to visit the UK for a much longer duration then you apply for long term UK visa. This visa is for 2, 5 or 10 years of stay. But on every entry, you are allowed to stay for only 6 months. For getting this visa issued you need to convince the consulate about the need of your stay in the UK. If consulate finds it valid then only you are granted with this visa.

UK visitor visa has replaced many kinds of visa that was issued before by the UK. These visas are family visitor visa, general visitor visa, child visitor visa, Business visitor visa that included visa for academics, doctor and dentists, sports visitor visa, entertainer visitor visa, prospective entrepreneur visa, private medical treatment visa, and Approved Destination Status visa. Instead of issuing all these visa separately, UK issues single standard visitor visa for all these purposes.

The application for a visitor visa is processed within 8 weeks provided application is submitted through the post. If the application is submitted through premium service then it may be processed early.

Activities allowed on UK visitor visa You cannot carry out all the activities that you want on a visitor visa. With a visitor visa, you are not allowed to use public medicals services, public funds. You are not allowed to marry and cannot enter into a civil partnership. You are also prohibited from taking up a voluntary job. You are allowed only certain job-related activities on a visitor visa. Besides these activities, you should not indulge yourself in any other job-related activity. These activities are:

1. Tourists are allowed to take part in the conference, or a regular meeting as well as in a sport related event with a tourist visa.
2. You can role-play as an artist in a music activity or artistic activity.
3. You can carry out a research study as an academic.
4. You can apply for the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) or Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).
5. You can undertake education for 30 days. Not more than that.

6. You cannot do any kind of paid work. Eligibility for UK visitor visa

UK Visitor Visa

For the issue of the UK visitor visa, the applicant must convince the consulate about certain conditions. If the applicant fulfills all these conditions then only he is considered eligible for UK visa. These
requirements are:

1. The consulate must be convinced that the applicant will leave the country after his visit.
2. The consulate must be convinced that the applicant has enough funds to sponsor his entire trip and its expenses.
3. The reason provided by the applicant to visit the UK should be truthful.
4. The applicant must convince consulate that he will leave the UK before the expiry of his visa.
5. The consulate should be given the surety that the applicant will not undertake any prohibited activity during his stay in the UK.
6. If the applicant is traveling the UK for medical treatment then he must provide the proof of private medical treatment. He should provide the entire details of his stay.
7. If the applicant is traveling for the academic purpose for 1 year then he must present the proof of his expertise in the field.
8. He must present complete documents that are required. The documents should maintain its authenticity.
9. The applicant may be asked about the complete details of his trip to the UK.
10. The applicant must provide a copy of his return tickets and hotel reservations with the application.
11. The application should be filled with the utmost care, as any discrepancy may lead to rejection of the application.
12. The applicant must disclose all the criminal records against him (if any).
13. If the reason for travel is medical treatment then the applicant must provide proof of his medical condition. Along with this applicant needs to prove that he carry out his medical expenses.