Top 5 Destinations for Unique Honeymoon Trip – Romantic Places

Honeymoon Trips are unique and singular. Classic resorts and beach destinations in the Caribbean and the Indian trend are added as cultural trips, safaris in search of wildlife and cruises to the northern lands frost. Many offers seek a balance between excitement and relaxation. It is the journey as no limit on the budget, once in life and that the couple will remember forever (for better and for worse). Relax or adventure, but always with the purest romanticism, it is what characterizes these trips.

1. Maldives

Maldives Tour, Everyone thinks we’ve seen pictures of the Maldives or have heard of them, and rightly so, is one of the best places to spend the honeymoon. My recommendation, and that of many other travelers, is that you stay away from a little of the big resorts and go to other islands where you will find a more local life and secluded beaches.

2. Palawan, Philippines

Until recent years this small group of islands was inhabited only by birds and now they have opened gradually to people. They are hidden beaches that are untouched by humans, with clear rivers and beautiful landscapes. Watch this video and tell yourself:

3. Thailand


Thailand Tour, Remember the movie The Beach? For precisely that movie was filmed on one of these islands. White sand beaches, coral reefs, crystal clear water with a calm tide because it is surrounded by mountains. Just what they need to get away from the world and start their new life together.

4. Vietnam

There are more than 3,000 islands created by the dragons to protect the kingdom from invaders, well, that says the legend. But ultimately a magical place where you can spend the night moored in one of their boats.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia Tour, They are 2 islands with limited access, few cabins, few restaurants and the way to get it is in “water taxis” These islands are also a paradise for divers or snorkeling, so this is a destination to test your aquatic skills and besides being surrounded by jungle.

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