Top 10 International Destinations That Allow Visa on Arrival for Indians

Many times you might be avoiding the international trip ideas from India for the fear of all that document process for the visa. Here there are at least 10 countries that offering visas on arrival for the Indian citizens. It means you can make your travel simple, purchase your tickets.

1. Bhutan, Asia

Bhutan, officially Bhutan, is a South Asian country located in the Himalayas and landlocked sea, Most of the population of Bhutan, and the territory which is authorized to move visitors is more like the middle lands of Switzerland visit the kingdom of Bhutan and explore with visa on arrival with a minimum of 6-month validity on your passport.

2. Hong Kong, Asia

Explore Hong Kong Tours, a unique city that in addition to immersing visitors in a totally different environment, to discover unforgettable places. Indian nationals can enter Hong Kong on valid travel documents for 14 days without a visa.

3. Senegal, Africa

Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal is a sovereign state in West Africa whose form of government is a semi-presidential republic. Its territory is organized into 14 regions. Senegal is a well between the arid desert lands in the north and lush tropical forests of the southern country. Senegal, despite being a small country compared to other African countries, offers a variety of landscapes and tourist attractions and with a visa on arrival facility from India valid for 30 days.

4Maldives, Asia

Explore Maldives Tours, The Maldives Islands are located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is a collection of 1,190 coral islands scattered in 26 major atolls. Atolls are coral structures separated by gaps. Probably the easiest and correct way to define the Maldives is to say that is a paradise on earth. Explore the underwater beauty at the Maldives with a visa on arrival facility. A free Maldives Tourist Visa is valid for approximately 90 Days is issued to Indian nationals arriving at Maldives airport.

5. Thailand, Asia

Explore Thailand Tours: The best places to see, the best experiences and practical advice. The perfect plan for your holiday in Thailand, You can reach today Thailand from India via road trip. This country charges 1000 Thai Baht for visa charges fees with a visa on arrival at the first point of entry in Thailand. Thailand is also the honeymoon destination in Asia which preferred by Indian couples looking for outside destination India.

6. Indonesia, Asia

Explore Indonesia Tour, also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a tourist destination located on the islands of Indonesia for all travelers can be visited with visa on arrival valid for 30 days.

7. Jordan, Asia

Explore Jordan, includes separate sections on Jordanian history, culture, wildlife, and nature reserves, visit the historical country with visa on arrival facility for Indians valid for 14 Days.

8. Palau, Oceania

Palau, an icon of modernist architecture can be visited easily with a visa on arrival facility from India.

9. Guinea- Bissau, Africa

Explore the natural beauty of West African country with visa on arrival and it’s valid up to 90 days for Indians.

10. Trinidad and Tobago, South America

If you are interested to know some of the countries of the Caribbean you should start by Trinidad and Tobago, which is located in the southern Caribbean Sea, near the eastern coast of Venezuela in South America, visit this twin-island with visa on arrival valid for 90 days.

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