Things to Do in Ladakh – You should Never miss the Ladakh Trip

Things to Do in Ladakh

Here you can check all the best places and thing to do in Ladakh:

Thrilling Chadar Trek

This Chadar trek is also known as trekking while viewing the river. This place is one of the famous places for trekking and also for great adventures. This trek is especially held in November as this is the safest month for all the ventures.

Nubra Valley- Nubra valley is planned by every family who visits Ladakh as the surrounding is so good and it will be memorised so long. As tourists like to visit this spot at night because it is covered with sands all around. Nubra Valley is the highlight of the trip for those involved in animals.

Camel Safari- You have to do this activity if you ever visit Ladakh once. Camels are there for the people who stay there. It would be a great experience while sitting on a camel and sands all around. The activity is one of the fascinating things to do in Ladakh.

Lamayuru Monastery- It would be so grateful to see the stars in the open sky. This place is so peaceful and full of nature. For sure you’ll have a great night of stargazing in your life. Sometimes you’ll see the shooting stars in the area.

Backpacking Across Ladakh- Ladakh trips is all about riding bikes all over the roads and it’s an opportunity and dreams for many of the people. Bikes are easily accessible on rent in Ladakh. That plain roads become friends of every traveler.