Best Thailand Visa Service in Ahmedabad

Want to enjoy the fascinating weather and rich culture of Thailand? If yes, then you need to visit Thailand for tourism. But for this, you need a tourist visa to Thailand. With a Thailand tourist visa, you can travel to Thailand for sightseeing, for leisure, and for personal enlightenment. For your own explorations in Thailand, you can stay there for 15 to 30 days with a tourist visa. The maximum duration you can stay there are 60 days. For a longer duration, you can get your visa renewed. You can acquire your tourist visa in your home country through the Thai Embassy or consulate of your country.

The validity of Thailand tourist visa is from 3 months up to 6 months. It depends upon the number of entries made by applicant across the border of the country or through the airport. You can also get 30 days or 60 days in Thailand provided you land there through the international airport. Another condition which should be true is that your country had made a bilateral agreement on visa exemption with Thailand. Most people have been issued a single entry tourist visa to Thailand. Multiple entries tourist visa is issued only to Singaporean nationals or people who are long term pass holder of Singapore.

Thailand Visitor Visa

If the applicant enters through the land border in Thailand then you are allowed for 15 days stay in Thailand on the basis of your tourist visa. You need to leave the country on expiry of your visa or before
that. You can get your visa extended but this decision lies within the authority solely.

To speed up the visa approval process, the government of Thailand e-visa on arrival in Thailand service.

It allows visitors to apply for a visa online directly. This kind of visa allows the entry of the applicant through the air. It is a single entry visa. It is an easy process but is limited for citizens of some selected countries. These countries include Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, and Vanuatu. You can stay for 15 days from arrival with this visa.

Requirements of Thailand Tourist Visa

Following requirements must be fulfilled for the issue of Thailand tourist visa:

1. Your passport or travel document must be valid for 6 months.
2. The visa application form should be completed with complete accuracy.
3. The required photo specifications must be met by every applicant.
4. The applicant may be asked for a copy of his/her return ticket. Thus the applicant must provide the same on demand.
5. The applicant should have proof of his financial soundness. That is needed to make sure that the
applicant can carry out his expenditure in Thailand.
6. The applicant must ensure the authorities about his return to his homeland.
7. The applicant must present any additional documents asked by authorities.
8. For multiple entry tourist visas, the applicant may be asked to present his employment letter. Thus the applicant should be prepared with it.
9. The applicant must provide authorities the surety that he will leave the country as soon as his duration of stay is over.
10. The authorities should be convinced that the applicant will not work in Thailand with a tourist visa.
11. The documents provided by the applicant must be authentic and complete. Incomplete documents leads to rejection of tourist visa application.