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Singapore is the perfect destination for your beautiful holiday. To visit Singapore for tourism you need to have a Singapore tourist visa. Singapore tourist visa allows you to enter Singapore for recreation, meeting family and friends.

With Singapore tourist visa you can stay in Singapore for a maximum of 3 months. Your Singapore tourist visa remains valid for 2 years. For obtaining a tourist visa to Singapore you need to fill the application online. The Singapore High Commission in collaboration with Immigration & checkpoints authority processes your visa application within 3 working days. The processing time may increase if the applicant’s application requires detailed scrutiny.

All the applicants must fill the visa application form completely and accurately. Any mistake in filling up the form may result in rejection of the application. The application form can be obtained either from trusted agents or from any Singapore overseas mission. Before submitting the application make sure you have attached all the required documents.Issue of visa does not guarantee an applicant’s entry in Singapore. The final decision lies with Immigration & checkpoint authority officers. They decide whether you will enter Singapore or not at the entry point itself. The applicant should also be prepared to fulfill the entry requirements. At the entry point, the duration of your stay will be finalized. This is also decided by the Immigration & checkpoint authority officers.

Singapore Visitor Visa

Another new facility provided by Immigration & checkpoint authority of Singapore is Singapore E-visa. With the help of this facility, you can get your visa printed from an authorized agent or strategic partner. After the date of issue, it is valid for 90 days. You can stay in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days per entry. This straight away means you are allowed multiple entries with this E-visa. But this feature is limited to citizens of a few countries. These countries are Georgia, India, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Macao, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Russia, Tajikistan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Kosovo, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Azerbaijan, and Moldova.

Eligibility for Singapore tourist visa For successful allotment of tourist visa, you need to adhere to certain conditions. If all these requirements are met then you are considered eligible for a tourist visa. These requirements are:

1. Make sure that your passport is valid. Validity duration must be at least 6 months after you arrive in Singapore.
2. You may be asked to present a copy of your ticket and the details of your tour in Singapore.
3. The applicant must prepare a covering letter to the Embassy of Singapore or to the General Consulate of Singapore. The letter states the reason for the visit and the dates of arrival and departure from the country.
4. In some cases, the applicant may be asked to provide a leave letter from the company where the applicant works. This letter is to be written on the company’s letterhead.
5. The applicant must ensure that all the submitted documents are in English. If not, then official translations should be attached.
6. If the applicant is living at a location other than specified in passport then he must provide address proof.
7. Bank statements of the last 3 months and income tax papers are required to be provided if the applicant is visiting Singapore for the first time.
8. The applicant must ensure the authorities of his return to his homeland after the visit.
9. For a safer side, the applicant must attach a copy of hotel reservation in Singapore with the application.
10. If consulate asks for additional documents then the applicant must provide it without any hesitation.
11. In case you have a new passport then ensure that you transfer your valid visa to the new passport. This should be done before you commence your trip to Singapore.