Rann of Kutch Gujarat Travel Guide 2023-2024

Rann of Kutch Gujarat Travel Guide 2022-2023

The Big Rann of KutchYou’ve surely visited this Sea of Salt but have you heard of Kutch’s Desert of Salt i.e. The Grand Rann from Kutch. This unique location has more to offer than just that. Learn about my experience during our trip in Rann of Kutch and the wonderful people, vibrant culture, and completely different culture.

A wonderful journey to Gujarat to attend Festivals like the Rann of Kutch Festival

All of it started with the notion of seeing a desert that was salty at night when the moon was full. This is how I came up with plans with a few of my buddies to experience the stunning splendor in the Rann of Kutch and to experience the grand Rann of Kutch festival. Myself was one of the people creating the itinerary, so I began researching the best locations to see in Kutch and surrounding.

Then, we chose to make an excursion lasting three days from the 22nd to 26th Jan(+ 2 days due to the length it was a train ride) for the Rann in the Kutch festival/Rann Mahotsav. Every year Rann Mahotsav is celebrated from December to early March in Kutch and Full moon nights are the main eye-catcher in the whole Mahotsav(Celebration).

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The Best time to visit Rann Of Kutch

The ideal moment to travel to Rann of Kutch is during winter, around when it is Rann Mahotsav. The Rann Utsav typically begins in the beginning of November, and typically extends until March.

One of the largest salt deserts around the globe The magnificent Rann of Kutch located in India’s Gujarat state in India is not just known for its natural beauty, but also for the things its people have come up with – the Rann Utsav.

Magnificent is a word can be used to highlight nature’s beauty in Kutch along with the backdrop of the arts, the abundance of artistic styles, and an abundance of life. Visit this official site of Rann of Kutch Festival before you make your plans.

Day 1- Sumeraser, Budia , Kalo Dungar

The first project was by working with an NGO in Sumeraser. The knitting done by the artisan(Karigar) was captivating. They refer to this skill(Warp as well as Weft) “Tana – Bana”.

I was awestruck by the level of patience that he displayed while weaving. So, the entire process of obtaining the animal’s cotton as well as dyeing it, spinning and even designing was carried out by him. He has been able to do this following the example of his father.

Following that, we visited another NGO “Kala Raksha,” which showcased handicraft work and knit (kadhai-buniyi) by women from nearby villages.

We also got to meet her mother Prakash Ji who founded that NGO. She was in her 80s and still working. She had also been to Australia for about 25 days to instruct certain students from the college there.

She was awarded an award along with her son, who was awarded by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their efforts for the improvement of women in the rural regions of Gujarat. It was a pleasure getting to know such a popular persona.

They are unable to complete this task until the end of the 30s, since their eyesight becomes weak because of knitting. But they can be given other jobs that do not require as many eyesight. What I liked about these non-profit organizations was they provide an income source that is sustainable to women and are creating skilled workers.

We left them after a while and continued our journey. We stopped at a checkpoint for getting the entry permit into Kutch So if you plan to visit Kutch do not forget to bring your government ID proof.

Following that, we headed to KaloDungar which is known as one of the top peaks in Gujarat. This “360-degree view” from there was simply stunning. We visited Khavda from there and had delicious Gujarati snacks, called gaathiya and jalebi.

Then, we visited pottery in Khavda and it was pretty great. After that, we headed in search of Rann of Kutch immediately as we didn’t want not miss the sunset.

What I loved was the knitted work that was done by rural women so passionately, along with it’s the “360-degree view” from Kalo Dungar.

What could have been done to avoid it If you’re not really interested, go to one NGO and avoid the rest. You could skip the pottery at Khavda the pottery is okay and not very good.

The Rann of Kutch/the White Desert

When I arrived at the Rann The feeling was divine, I couldn’t believe my eyes to believe that it actually did exist. It looked at me like something out of the movies.

Know the attraction in Kutch check out this link: https://www.rannutsav.info/kutch_other_place.html

We arrived at our destination, the Rann of Kutch in the evening, and walked through the desert, and stood at a place in which we couldn’t even observe anything except salt and salt all over. Although you can’t sit on salt as it’s too sticky , but we did it because we were exhausted from walking.

A Date With the Moon one of a Kind Experience

full moon night

We visited on a full moon, so it was adding to the stunning beauty of the desert’s white sand. The white expanse of tranquil sand, surrounded by the fullness of the moon. Trust me, it’s more romantic than words can describe.

The hotel’s owner booked two homestays that are managed by people who live in the Rann.

They prepared the traditional Gujarati food on the stove that included Chappati made of Millet(Bajra) known as Rotra as well as Vegetable Curry. The temperature was very low at night and we were tired which is why we slept in a blanket that was warm and cozy.

What I loved: I was enthralled by the lunar calendar in Kutch which is not easily explained in words.

The only thing that could be prevented What could have been avoided? Nothing.


Day 2: Lakhpat Fort, Narayan Sarovar, Mandvi Beach

We awoke in the morning, had poha along with tea, and then left the area. Then, we drove to Lakshpat Fort. This is in which was the Bollywood Movie “Refugee” was filming. It was destroyed little due to in 2001 by the Bhuj Earthquake.

The devastating earthquake couldn’t erase its stunning beauty. After taking beautiful pictures from the fort we moved forward with our trip and visited Narayan Sarovar as well as Koteshwar Temple. Shiva Mandir Shiva Mandir was built beautifully in the traditional style of the past.

The weather in Kutch was comfortable and is one of the major motives for taking pleasure in the drive. We then headed to Mandvi beach to watch the sunset that was there. We checked into the hotel RukmaWati. The hotel we stayed was clean and clean and maintained. The cost was reasonable. The hotel also had a beautiful terrace with the most adorable library.

The local recommended the Osho Hotel for dinner but the restaurant was closed. So, we went to eat Gujarati dinner at a restaurant near the market. At evening, we went to the beach for an hour or so with the powerful waves.

We began our day with Maggi and Tea(that was when Maggi was banned, so we were happy to have Maggi with Tea, our most-loved Maggi).

What I enjoyed The tranquil Mandvi Beach though it was not the most clean, and the gorgeous fort of lakhpat.

How could it have been avoided If you’re not a fan of forts, you could skip lakhpat fort.


Day 3: Vijaya Vilas Palace, Swami Narayan Temple, Prag Palace, Aina Palace:

We visited the stunning Vijaya Vilas Palace, here where the Bollywood Movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” was filming. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll still hear songs of the film being played on occasion. The royal family that manages the estate still lives there. We saw the Black Camel which was adopted by the current King. At around 12, we headed to Bhuj.


It took us two hours to get there. We visited Swami Narayan Temple which was stunning and was built using White Marble. Then, we visited Aina Palace and Prag Palace. They were also damaged from the Bhuj earthquake, however after that too , I was able to feel the amazing architect concepts behind the design of the palace in order to construct such a beautiful work of art.

We had lunch at the Annapurna Hotel and then went shopping in the nearby market that is famous. After dinner, we headed to Ahmedabad to get the train from there.

What I enjoyed: I loved the Vijay Vilas palace as well as the Swami Narayan Temple in Bhuj.

How could it have been avoided You can skipping Aina Palace and Prag Palace when you’re short of time.


  • If you’re traveling in a group of up to 4-5 or more, you should book a private cab; it will make the trip enjoyable.
  • It is possible to go to Dholavira(a vital Indus Valley) but we didn’t, as it was far away.
  • Reduce the amount of luggage you carry.
  • Contact the locals for assistance if you find yourself stuck.
  • Be aware of the weather conditions in Kutch prior to the time so that you can prepare for the weather accordingly.
  • Recommend not to be in rush to go to every location and enjoy the ride.