Polo Forest Gujarat - Polo Utsav 2020 - Polo Festival

Polo Forest is located in the Sabarkantha District, around 150 kms from Gandhinagar towards Himmatnagar & Idar in the northern region of Gujarat, India. Watch out for the Tomb Raider isshtyle old monuments sans the similar adventurous plots and scheme of events at Vijaynagar, Gujarat.

Tucked away in a forest, there are secrets to be revealed… An ancient city, a gateway to Rajasthan. A hiding place for rulers, concealed from enemies, citizens, angry wives, even from the sun, tucked between sacred hills on the east and west. And the mystery of abandonment, decay.

Ancient temples, some still performing their pujas deep within this dense jungle, itself the larger temple, the trees themselves the gods.

Adivasi settlements, their lives rooted in their connection to the forest, from whom you might learn to listen to the deep hum of the world that envelops these scattered whispers of human constructions Plan to Visit Forest Tour in Gujarat ? Book Polo utsav forest tour package at Polo Utsav near Idar, Sabarkantha, Vijaynagar, Gujarat. Best honeymoon and holiday destination in Gujarat., India…

Come. Listen. Learn. Know your Self. You may return to your homes, your cities, your roads, but the forest will never leave you