West India Tour Packages

West India Tour Packages from Ahmedabad

There are many beautiful places to visit in West India. All the destinations are covered with Greenery, a magical destination and you will have a great experience after visiting those places. For this beautiful journey or a beautiful trip to West India, You can easily book the Western India Tour Package with Akshar Tours and have a great experience with lots of memories.

Goa is one of the most visited places in the Western India side, Goa has everything that travelers are looking for like beaches, sunsets, views, and crazy nights, pubs, parties, delicious seafood, sand and magical holiday experience. The best time to visit Goa Tour is in the months of October to March as that time the climate is very pleasant. Udaipur is also the most visited place by travelers and Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes and also a crown jewel. Rajasthan is covered with the mountains and also known for its natural beauty, there are many temples and architecture will take your breath away.

Western India Tour Packages

Mumbai- the dream city or Mumbai is also called as Bombay/ Mumbai is a place of hopes, glamour, traditional, modern. Mumbai Tours also has a history behind it’s back. Mumbai is the city with a proud boast of stories from different walks of humans. You’ll find everything in Mumbai, pubs, parties, restaurants, nightlife, many places to visit, etc.

Gujarat, Gujarat is the place where you find the lions in Gir National park and this is the home for many Asiatic lions and this is the definition of Gujarat Tour Packages. The best time to visit this place is in the months of July to March. There are many more interesting places like Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Matheran in Maharashtra, Bundi- The queen of Hadoti in Rajasthan, Tarkarli in Maharashtra where you’ll find the gorgeous beach, sunshine, and the great water activities. You have to take time and visit this beautiful destination.