Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Ladakh Tour Packages, Leh-Ladakh Adventure Trip Packages 

Leh-Ladakh is the dream destination for the people who are fond of riding, This will be a thrilling experience for them. If you want to enjoy your own company then you have to go seated high in the lap of Indian Himalayas. You will feel relaxed from the rush. While most of the seekers, Honeymooners,nature lovers usually book the many different Tour Packages according to their needs and what they want. If you like thrilling experiences then Leh- Ladakhis for you only, It’s full of fun and excitement.

The place, people and their lifestyle is so unique that it leaves their beauty in the traveler’s mind . Built centuries ago and still it attracts tourists and most visiting places to Leh and Ladakh. The ancient rock carvings, large pillars and their peace touches the hearts of every traveler. Things that tourists attract is the culture and the lifestyle of the people. Leh-Ladakh is quite similar to the Tibetan culture; it holds lots of importance by the local people. In Fact the people over there follow both the religious Tibetan as well as the Buddhist influences. The best time to visit Ladakh is during the months of April and May because the temperature is moderate and the roads are clear. Otherwise due to the snowfall the roads are blocked and many places are shut down due to the same reasons.

There are many place where you can visit in Ladakh while your tour to Leh – Ladakh

  • Chhams Dance- Dance makes everyone feel good so this is the platform for them only.
  • Biking Roads- Bike riding is only for those people who love riding.Trip is always incomplete until you go on a ride and explore the roads and see the beautiful roads and explore yourself.
  • Morning prayer at Monastery- you can visit monasteries overnight and enjoy the view. You can also attend directly for a morning prayer at hemis monastery. 
  • Spot a snow leopard- The snow leopard is a breathtaking view. It is covered with the beautifu

For this beautiful place like Ladakh, book your tour with us and enjoy the experience. It will be a great time over there and you will be finding yourself by visiting this beautiful place like leh-Ladakh. Akshar Tours is the best for travelling experience you will be getting all the luxuries facilities.

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