Lothal One Day Tour – Indus Valley Civilization, Gujarat

Lothal One Day Tour - Indus Valley Civilization, Gujarat

Today get ready for time travel where you have chance to explore history of 5000 years. Explore Lothal means “Mound of the Dead” in Gujarati, a name given by the local villagers with reference to the presence of human remains in the ancient mound.

Lothal is very nearby from Ahmedabad only 78 KM. As you need to drive National Highway 47 and within 2 hours you will be at Indus Valley Civilization’s Doorstep. The site is place that some believe was the cradle of the subcontinent’s oldest civilization. First thing first as visit of Museum is must. It’s small but very informative place to gain in-depth knowledge about “Indus Valley Civilization”.In museum there is one very interesting movie also one need to watch.

Lothal One Day Tour

In museum you can see Earthenware: strong large ceramic jars, human and animal figurines, as well as toys and games-figures. Seals: Seals engraved on steatite, with animal and human figurines and letters from Indus script. Beads: Lothal had a highly developed bead-making industry. Lothal was famous for its micro-beads that were made by rolling ground steatite paste on string, baking it solid, and then cutting it with a tiny saw into the desired lengths.

Lothal One Day Tour - Indus Valley Civilization, Gujarat

After museum visit, be ready to explore actual site of Lothal. No grand fortifications or carving. Instead you see flat and desolate ruins.  But you have come not for what is visible now; rather, to imagine what once was.

Indus Valley Civilization, Gujarat

After informative visit to Lothal site drive back to Ahmedabad on same road. On way back again once in lifetime experience at Vishala Restaurant is waiting for you. Its village theme based restaurant.


  • Timing is 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (close on Friday).

Entry Fee:

  • Entry feeis 5 INR.

Famous Restaurant:

Vishalla Restaurant

Address: Opp. APMC Market,Vishalla Circle, Ahmedabad

Must try food: Bajri no Rotlo, Khichadi, Dhokla / Gujarati Thali.

Best Time to Visit: During Winter


In museum there is one bookshop run by Archaeological Survey by India. Where you can purchase informative books about Historical sites of India.

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