Kerala Cuisine: A Food Lover’s Delight

Kerala Cuisine: A Food Lover's Delight

Kerala looks surreal with its diverse terrain. The regions in the state are enhanced with peaceful backwaters, canal networks, sparkling rivers, lush mountains, stretches of paddy cultivation, and a variety of native spices. Acres of land dedicated to tea plantations, and tall coconut palms.

Besides everything Kerala cuisine stands out as a popular choice among food connoisseurs. Kerala food and its nutritional benefits have found their way into the works of contemporary writers all over the world. 

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Below are some interesting foods that you should try on a visit to Kerala.

Flavors of Kerala

Kerala is a food lover’s paradise. thanks to its culinary heritage, flavor, and tasty dishes. Kerala is home to abundant varieties of expensive spices that are full of flavor. The spices include pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. These spices make every dish delicious and exotic. The food is influenced by the geography, culture, and legacy of Kerala making it special and delightful for food enthusiasts. Both vegetarians and nonvegetarians find plenty of options in food. From breakfast to tea time through dinner, you will be served nutritious food in hotels or even on pull carts.

If you understand the culture of Malayalis you will see that the food they consume is made of basic ingredients and does not contain any artificial color, sweeteners, or other potentially harmful chemicals. The food that is cooked comes from farms and is termed healthy and nutritious.

Kerala Food

The craze for seafood

Kerala has a tropical climate and an unending coastline. As a result, you will find a variety of fresh fish that are pricey and rare.  Sardine, Mackerel  Crabs, Prawns, and Pomfret are common choices. Fish curry or meen curry is best prepared with traditional utensils known as  Chatti. The aroma and tangy flavor of this dish come from the mix of fresh coconut milk, tamarind, and spices such as pepper. and ginger. 

Fish curry served with kappa is a favorite meal of locals. Kappa (tapioca), a tropical food, is found in abundance all over Kerala. Rice is the staple food of Kerala. So fish curry is also eaten with parboiled rice. 

Special delicacies 

Delicious Breakfast 

Breakfast in Kerala includes idli served with sambar and coconut chutney. Idli (a fermented and steamed rice cake) and sambar ( lentils cooked with vegetables and seasoned with whole spices) are found in every household and are a favorite of every Indian.  Other options include appam (rice pancake) with gravy or Puttuu (steamed rice flour). with chana curry.

Lavish and dainty meal

Expect a variety of side dishes for lunch and dinner. The main course includes delectable avial  (mixed vegetable curry), fish curry, fish fry, or Karimeen Pollichathu( on demand), chicken curry, vegetable stew, and stir-fried veggies with fresh coconut. Not to be missed is the delicious mango curry made with curd, which will impress everyone. 

Malabar chicken biryani is popular among biryani lovers.It is cooked in dum style and is a must-try dish.

Tasty snacks

Tea pairs well with snacks. Banana fritters, neyyappam, Gonda, jalebi, and cakes are all delicious. As you are touring all over you can keep munching on famous banana chips, and, achappam. Dal vada, mendu.vada, and masala dosa will wow you.

Feast and festivals

Kerala celebrates two important festivals ONAM and VISHU.

Onam is a harvest festival that celebrates the legendary King Mahabali’s homecoming to the state. As per the Malayalam calendar, the celebration takes place in the month of Chingam, between August and September. It also marks the beginning of the Malayalam year, known as Kolla Varsham.

People celebrate this festival by preparing a variety of dishes, drawing rangolis in the courtyard, and wearing traditional attire.

As a ritual, sadya (feast) is served in a banana leaf. From raw mango pickles, cabbage thoran, beetroot thoran string beans fried to an avail, sambar, and rasam (a soup made from spices). The items will go on. Ada pradhaman a sweet pudding and integral part of sadya tastes divine. 



A feast is incomplete without payasam. Payasam is the dessert of Kerala. It is a sweet pudding prepared in a variety of ways. Payasam is a must in every Sadya (feast). But people enjoy payasam on other days also. Payasam is prepared from rice, milk, and sugar while cardamom is added for flavor, and cashews, and raisins are used for garnish. Payasam is also prepared using vermicelli, sago, or lentils.

Exotic Fruits

As Kerala enjoys a tropical climate you will find a list of exotic fruits. Some include banana, mango Jackfruit, pineapple, cherry, dragon fruit, grapes, black plum, guava, and chikoo.

Bottom line

Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country.”Kerala’s Soul thrives in its coasts, backwaters, paddy agriculture, and wonderful gastronomy. You will be offered a choice of an elaborately cooked sadya with warmth and affection. Both vegans and non-vegetarians have food options. Kerala cuisine is influenced by culture, geography, and history. As a result, food connoisseurs will enjoy it. Kerala has a tropical environment, you can taste some exotic fruit.

Make a point to visit this wonderland and bask in the sunshine.

Related Questions

1. What is Kerala’s famous sweet?

 Ada Pradhaman tops the list of Kerala special treats. It’s tagged as the King of sweets in Kerala. Ada Pradhaman is full of flavors like rice, banana, coconut, and jaggery.

2. What is Kerala Thali?

Kerala thali is Sadya with elaborately cooked dishes served at every festival and special occasion.

3. Which season is ideal to visit Kerala?

Kerala is open to tourists all year but unless you are an adventurer, avoid traveling during excessive rain.