Gujarat Gets A New Maze Garden and Miyawaki Forest

Premier Secretary Narendra Modi on Sunday dedicated three sites which include the Maze Garden, in Gujarat’s Ekta Nagar, near the 182-meter-high Statue of Unity.

A release from the government stated that the PM also launched the ‘Miyawaki’ Forest and houseboat.
The initial day of the three-day Gujarat visit, the Prime Minister together alongside Gujarat chief minister Bhupendra Patel visited Ekta Nagar, formerly known as Kevadia in Narmada district to launch the new tourist attractions, according to the announcement.

“The new Maze (labyrinth) The longest maze-like garden in the world with an area of 2,100 meters is covered by a garden that has three acres.

“It was designed around an ‘yantra’ which emits positive energy. The tangled paths of this garden is an exercise for tourists their body, mind and senses” it said in the press release.

Around 1,80,000 saplings were established as part of the “Miyawaki” forest in the vicinity of the Maze Garden, which had been established in a place initially used for a dump site, the report said.

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This type of forest takes its name from the method that was created in the late Japanese ecologists and botanists Dr. Akira Miyawaki. The method involves planting saplings next to each other. This grows into an urban forest that is dense. The plant growth is 10 times more rapid using this method, and consequently, the forest that is created is three times as dense.

At the same time, the PM also launched ‘OYO Ekta Houseboat”, Gujarat’s first houseboat service located in close proximity to the Statue of Unity.

In an announcement, OYO said the houseboat has a rich and multifaceted collection of design and craftsmanship. It also said the vessel measures approximately 90-feet long, and has a width of 20-fe, with two spacious bedrooms and a dining room. the drawing area, a kitchen along with a deck on the front and an observation deck on the upper deck.

The exterior design is in the style of Kashmiri culture through carvings and wood finishes, while the interior is influenced by the rich and varied Gujarati art and culture. The hospitality firm’s designers created this statement.

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