Best Dubai Visa Service in Ahmedabad

Want to be fascinated after seeing long buildings in Dubai? If yes, then you definitely need a Dubai tourist visa.Dubai tourist visa is made for those who are not eligible for visa on entry or visa-free entry in UAE.  Based on your plan, Dubai tourist visa is issued for the duration of either 30 days or 90 days .Also it is for single entry or multiple entries.

Females below 18 cannot apply for a tourist visa except if they are traveling with parents. The cabinet resolution of July 2018 allowed children below 18 traveling with adults to enter UAE with free visa from 15 July to 15 September each year.

The UAE embassies do not issue tourist visa directly. You need to contact either with a tour agency, or a hotel which you selected for your stay or with a UAE-based airline. These organizations apply visa for you to the official visa issuing authorities in UAE.

Dubai Visitor Visa

Getting a tourist visa through airlines

Every airline has its own terms and conditions for arranging tourist visa for you.  The most common one is to choose them for flying to UAE. Their terms and conditions must be met for a successful issue of a tourist visa. You can get a tourist visa through the help of the following airlines:

  1. Etihad Airways visa services
  2. Emirates airline visa services
  3. Fly Dubai visa services
  4. Air Arabia visa services
  5. Getting a tourist visa through agencies: There are multiple licensed agents and hotels out there for arranging tourist visa for you.  Agents do this only if you buy tickets through them. Hotels do this if you stay in that hotel only.There are some agencies also working in collaboration with a local tour operator. You can get your tourist visa through them as well.  But before going further with any kind of agency or hotel make sure to verify its genuineness.  You can do so with the help of your country’s UAE embassy. Requirements of Dubai visa Following documents are crucial and are required to be attached with the application for Dubai tourist visa:
    1. Copy of your pan card which should be colored and scanned.
    2. Copy of the passport- only first and last page- should be scanned and colored.
    3. Your passport’s validity should be more than 6 months.
    4. A passport size photograph with a white background which should be colored and scanned.
    5. A return air ticket with a confirmation.

    Profiles which are not accepted

    Applications of persons with following profiles are generally not accepted:

    1. Persons working as housekeepers, tailors, house help, etc.
    2. Persons with ECR passports.
    3. If the applicant passport is signed in Hindi or any other regional language.
    4. If your passport contains a thumb impression.

    Reasons for rejection of tourist visa application

    Although the procedure of Dubai tourist visa application is not cumbersome sometimes it may happen that your application is rejected. This may happen because of the following reasons:

    1. Female under 24 who are traveling alone may get her application rejected or delayed to the doubt of human trafficking.
    2. Applicants with criminal records or misconduct in UAE in the past may get their application for Dubai tourist visa rejected.
    3. If you have previously applied for employment visa in UAE but have not utilized it then your application for Dubai tourist visa is rejected until your employment visa is canceled.
    4. If you previously had a residence visa in UAE but you left the country then your tourist visa is rejected until your residence visa is canceled.

    5.    Your application may be rejected if it had errors like spelling mistakes, error in passport number, error in passport assurance and expiry, etc.

    1. If the scanned copies of the attached documents are blurred then also your application may be rejected.

    Renewing the tourist visa

    Your Dubai tourist can be renewed for another 30 days twice. This can be done without leaving the country. You can apply for renewal before your visa gets expired. New rules for renewal have certain exceptions:

    1. Tourists living in GCC countries cannot renew their Dubai tourist Visa.
    2. Residents which accompany GCC national cannot renew their Dubai tourist visa.
    3. People who are allowed entry on special permits cannot renew Dubai tourist visa.
    4. People allowed for 96 hours for special missions cannot renew Dubai tourist visa.