Best China Visa Service in Ahmedabad

Want to see the Great Wall of China? If yes, then travel to China to see it. But before you travel to China, you need a tourist visa for it. China tourist visa is also known as L-visa. With this visa, you can travel most parts of China freely.

You can get a tourist visa for either 30 days, or for 90 days. Usually, applicants are allotted 30 days visa with a single entry. Citizens of the UK, USA, Canada, and Argentina are able to get a tourist visa for china up to 10 years with multiple entries.

In case you are visiting China with a tour group, there will not be an individual visa in your passport. In these cases the entire group gets is issued a group tourist visa. This group tourist visa contains all the names of the visitors. For this, you need to provide the entire details to your travel agent beforehand. You can apply for a tourist visa for China in any Chinese embassy, consulates, and Chinese diplomatic missions or at a Chinese Visa Application Center (CVAC). You can also apply through a trusted travel agency or visa agency for this purpose. You can submit your application personally. But do not submit your application through e-mails because many embassies reject such applications. In the case of a China tourist visa, an appointment is not compulsory. If you have a CVAC in your country then you can submit your application through the post as well.

China Visitor Visa

You can also submit it through an online appointment via the website of the center. Requirements of China tourist visa Every country requires certain criteria’s to be met for the issue of the tourist visa.

For a tourist visa for China following conditions must be met:

1. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in China. Also, it must contain 2 blank pages.
2. You should submit your application before 1 month of your trip.
3. You must ensure good health conditions. As applications of people who are not well are rejected.
4. You must properly and accurately fill the application form for a tourist visa for China.
5. You will be asked to present your complete details of stay in China along with a copy of return tickets to your home country.
6. If you are visiting friends or relatives in China then you may be asked to present an invitation letter from them to the authorities.
7. You may be asked to present your bank statement depicting the last 6 month’s transactions. This is done to ensure that you have enough funds to bear your expenses and stay in China. Renewal of China tourist visa Tourist visa for China is extendable. You can renew your tourist visa for an extended stay in China. You need to submit an application for renewal before 7 days of your visa expiry. This application can be submitted at the local exit and entry administration of China. Along with this application, you need to attach other documents as well. If the application is approved, your stay at China with the same tourist visa will be extended. Rejection of visa application China has very strict rules for its visa issue and visa policies. Thus, you need to properly form your application. Any mistake may get the application rejected.

Following are some of the reasons because of which applications are rejected:

1. If the application form contains any kind of mistakes.
2. The photograph submitted by the applicant does not adhere to specifications.
3. Any required document is missing.
4. If the applicant has any kind of criminal records.
5. If the applicant is blacklisted in any country.
6. If the health condition of the applicant is not good.
7. If the applicant is working in media, religious or military industries.