Best Time to Visit Odisha – Check Weather & Best Season

Best Time to Visit Odisha - Check Weather & Best Season

Odisha is the land of silver beaches, temples, rivers, water walls and good hearted people and many other beautiful spots which attracted people to visit once. Odisha also has history behind it, Odisha is filled with nature and adventure. This beautiful destination is also known as the soul place of India. You can just relax while sittle near the beaches, visit temples and explore the beauty of nature and wildlife. Odisha arts and culture and festivals, dance and music is famous all around the world that’s the reason tourists like to visit this place.

Best Time to Visit Odisha

Best Time to Visit Odisha - Check Weather & Best Season

Visit this pure state of India and you’ll definitely come back with a lot of memories which will remain with you for a long time. Odisha has many beautiful beaches of the world, Exotic beaches of Odisha are the venue of India surf festival 2014. Chandipur beach is located on the shore of Bay of Bengal and somewhat 16km from the baleswar railway station. Puri beach is the beautiful beach of Odisha, India. The beach is the site of the annual puri beach festival, which is co-sponsored by the Indian ministry of tourism. Now, you can see the best wildlife places in Odisha Tour with Eastern Himalaya Tour organize by Akshar Tours.

Check Weather & Best Season

Best Time to Visit Odisha - Check Weather & Best Season

Summers in Odisha(March-June)

In summers the sun is very harsh and the temperature going on increasing, the weather will be hot and humid and it raises up to 40 degree celsius. You can explore Bhubaneswar, konark and puri to experience spirituality and beautiful chilika lake surrounded by dolphins. In summers there is one festival held as the Chandan Yatra, one of the longest festivals held in Bhubaneshwar and visited by thousands of pilgrims. 

Odhisha in Monsoon(July-September)

Best Time to Visit Odisha - Check Weather & Best Season

In Odisha Monsoon also extended till October, This is the time where major rivers start overflowing as the state receives an average rainfall of 150cm. Odisha will be covered with full grenearry and a high amount of the rains will be experienced in this area all day. The breathetaking watrefalls of Duduma which will attract you for outdoor activities and more adventure

Odhisha in Winter(October-February)

The weather gets very chilled and the temperature falls as low as 7 degree celsius. This is the best time to visit Odisha, visit Kashmir of Odisha to witness its breathtaking natural beauty and sometimes there would be snow if it’s your good day. You will find some festivals in WInter i.e Konark dance festival which shows the elegance of Odhissi dance.

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