Best Time to Visit Manali – Best Manali Season & Weather

Best Time to Visit Manali - Best Manali Season & Weather

Manali is a very popular destination for the old, young traveler as well as for the honeymoon couples also to experience the perfect solitude and calmness at its best. Manali is a blessing for adventure seekers with tall mountains  and many other activities like skiing, paragliding, climbing, biking and many parts about manali trip trekking. Manali has been blessed with extraordinary scenic beauty, from museums to temples, from quaint to villages, river trekking to trekking trails manali has reason for every traveler to visit once.

Best Time to Visit Manali

Best Time to Visit Manali - Best Manali Season & Weather

Manali also has a tiny slice of history, in the form of the Naggar castle. Malana is a very famous traditional village located near Kullu Valley. Getting into a giant transparent plastic ball and then travelling down the slope. It would be a lifetime experience that you will be remembered throughout your life. Embracing the sky on a colorful glider is one of the most amazing sports to try when in Manali and Himachal Tours. Old Manali is a serene, tranquil place, whose lingering silence is broken only by the twittering of the birds and the sound of the roaring waters of the Kullu river. Manali Tour Packages also offers the luxury resorts, river side cottages, deluxe hotels and various types of food options.

Manali in Summers( March to June)

The temperatures in Manali during summer are between 10 degrees C and 25 degrees c, but the night will be chill . Summers will bring different and exciting activities like rafting, paragliding and trekking with other mountaineering adventures in the solang valley.The lush greenery and the fresh atmosphere allows for this destination to be a relaxing and enchanting experience for travelers.

Best Time to Visit Manali - Best Manali Season & Weather

Manali in Monsoon(July to September)

In monsoon the manali can be very beautiful but dangerous to experience, trekking can be too endangering during this time. Avoid visiting Manali during the Monsoon season, but after that this is the best place where tourists like to visit. 

Manali in WInters(October to February)

During this time the temperature goes rapidly around -1 degree C, make sure you have plenty of warm clothes. This is the best time to visit and you can explore many beautiful places and go on a treek. There are special institutions that provide training to adventure junkies and tourists visiting manali during this time.

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