Best Time to Visit Jharkhand – Things to do in Jharkhand

Best Time to Visit Jharkhand - Things to do in Jharkhand

If you are Animal lover and nature lover then this is the best place to visit. Jharkhand is full of natural views, dense forest and gushing waterfalls. There are many more things that you can visit. Jharkhand has landscape, several museums, temples and wildlife reserves scattered around the state, Jharkhand also has a glorious history, culture and simplicity.

Jharkhand is the land of Forests and the name Jharkhand has been named due to its rich variety of flora and fauna. Ranchi Hills, Dassam Falls, Sun Temple, Baidyanath Dham are some major tourist visited places in Jharkhand. Ranchi is one of the best places to visit in Jharkhand and Ranchi offers you the best view and best waterfalls in India. Ranchi never disappoint tourists and instead offer them the best sojourn to be cherished for lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Jharkhand

Best Time to Visit Jharkhand - Things to do in Jharkhand

Jamshedpur is the largest city in Jharkhand and home to India’s prive iron and steel company. When it comes to religious places, Deoghar is the best place to visit. With so manyhindu temples that are dedicated to Lord shiva that is surrounded with natural beauty.

Things to do in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is relatively new when it comes to tourism but it is picking up pace slowly and surely. Covered with greenery, waterfalls and many number of natural attractions. For visiting this beautiful destination you have to choose the best time too.

Jharkhand in summer (March to June)

Best Time to Visit Jharkhand - Things to do in Jharkhand

The temperature during summers is from 20 degree celsius to 39 degree celsius. During summers this is not a perfect time to travel as the weather will be too hot and humid.You have several waterfalls like the Jonha falls and Panchghagh falls and people visit these places as it helps dispel the heat favourably. Even it you head out to Tagore hills near ranchi or zoological parks, there you can stay cool and comfortable

Jharkhand in Monsoon (July to September)

The temperature during monsoon is between 24 degree celsius to 30 degree celsius. Jharkhand is known for its natural beauty, so this is also the best time to visit Jharkhand as everywhere would be greenery and lush. This is the perfect time to taste the delicious food like litti chokha and mitha khaja which is quite famous during monsoon. 

Jharkhand in winter (October to March)

The temperature during winters is between from 2 degree celsius to 27 degree celsius making it quite comfortable and pleasant. This is the best time to visit Jharkhand and enjoy the greenery and enjoy all the activities where you can explore many destinations. The weather is clear and pleasant and oftentimes, A famous winter food that people like to eat around bonfires is Litti chokha.

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