Best Place to Visit in West Bengal – Top Tourist Places to Visit

Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

The number of tourists is increasing every year at WestBengal because of the beautiful landscape, snow, sea, tea gardens, forests, wildlife, temples, and many more beautiful things. There are many famous temples in West Bengal which attract a large number of Tourists of all faiths and beliefs.

Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

Best place to visit in West Bengal are as follow:


Kolkata - Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

Kolata is the capital of West Bengal which was known by its British name of Calcutta until 2001. Kolkata it’s no longer described as a slum area, Kolata has grown into the cultural capital of India. You will find several things to do in Kolkata, in Kolkata Kathi Kebab is the most famous place for foodie people. 

Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National Park - Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

This Sundarbans park is one of the topmost parks in India. You will find many tigers and the largest parks in the world. It has been spread over 102 Islands and extended till Bangladesh. Covered with Sundari trees around, and home for many of royal Bengal tigers. This park is so silent and has its own charm that attracts many of the tourists towards Sundarbans.


Darjeeling - Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

Darjeeling is famous for its tea gardens and Darjeeling comes under the top 10 beautiful hill stations. Darjeeling is blessed with a stunning view, mountains, climate, and landscape. There is a famous market for handicrafts, Tibetan, and food stalls. This town will give you a different vibe and there is a different culture.


Bishnupur - Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

Bishnupur is the birthplace of terracotta, This is the birthplace of Terracotta, Terrcotta has many temples and terracotta pottery and this is a major attraction of Tourists. This temple was built in the 17th and 18th centuries by Malla dynasty rulers. This temple is designed by the features and journey of Lord Krishna’s life as well as the Hindu epics i.e Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach - Best Place to Visit in West Bengal

Mandarmani beach is a very pleasant and peaceful beach. It’s not far from Digha and stretches this beach is so much more peaceful and unpolluted. You will find the beautiful view of sunrise and sunsets with crystal clear water and mountains, so you can stay there and enjoy the view.

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