Australia visitor visa

Want to enjoy the mesmerizing beaches and wonders of Australia? If yes, then visit Australia. To visit Australia for tourism you need an Australia tourist visa. Australia tourist visa allows your temporary entry in Australia for having holidays. You can apply for Australia tourist visa for visiting family and friends living over there. Australian visa also allows you to stay in Australia for short term but non-working purposes. With an Australian tourist visa you can enter Australia through cruise.

The duration of your stay is decided by the duration written on the visa grant letter. The duration is decided based on your purpose of staying in Australia and how long you want to stay there. It may happen that your demanded duration may not be granted. Your visa may be granted either for single entry or multiple entries. If you are provided with multiple entries you can leave and re-enter Australia till your visa is valid.

Australia tourist visa is not extendable. You need to apply for a new visa for a longer stay. Applications for visa are processed in time but it may get delayed if your form is not properly filled or it does not have all the required documents. If your documents lack authenticity then also your application will be rejected.

An Australian visa is digitally linked to the applicant’s passport. Thus you will not get a label in the passport. Another thing which is checked before granting a visa is that you have enough money for sponsoring your trip to Australia.

Australia Tourist Visa conditions

With an Australia tourist visa you are allowed for only following works:

You can visit family and friends living there. With a tourist visa, you cannot do any kind of business as well as you cannot undertake any medical treatment there.

With permission from the authorities of Australia, you can engage yourself in unpaid work but only which is credited and related to your study if you study outside Australia. Also with due permissions, you can see how people work in industries but you are not allowed to work there. For this permission, you need to submit a letter along with your visa application and required documents. The decision is made at discretion only by the minister or the processing officer.

With a tourist visa, you can also do volunteer work provided you are not paid for it. Permission of authorities is not required.

You can study in Australia but only for 3 months. No study or training is allowed for more than 3 months. During your stay in Australia, you must ensure that you maintain adequate health insurance for the entire period.

Since the tourist visa is not extensible you should leave the country before the visa expires. With a tourist visa, you are not allowed to stay more than 12 months in any 18 months period.

Eligibility for Australia tourist visa

You must fulfill all the stated conditions for a hassle-free stay in Australia. For a successful issue of Australia tourist visa you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must meet the health requirements as stated by the laws. If you fulfill the determined health standards then only you will be granted a tourist visa. This may require you to undergo certain health examinations.
  • You must meet the character requirements as stated by the laws. This means you need to pass the character test to depict your good character. If you have any kind of criminal record or associations with suspicious organizations then you may fail the character test.
  • You should have enough funds to sponsor your stay in Australia along with your accompanied persons.

Requirements for Australia tourist visa

You must attach all the necessary documents you are asked for. These include:

  • Identity documents like your photograph, your passport, a national identity card.
  • If you are visiting a friend in Australia then you need to provide a letter from your friend their relationship with your, the duration of stay, and the place of stay.
  • You need to provide proof that you have reasons to return to your homeland. These proofs can be a letter from the place you work, a proof from the institution you are studying, proof stating that you have family members in the home country and that you have a permanent residence in your home country.
  • All the character documents and additional papers required by the authorities.

With all these conditions met and attached documents, you can apply for Australia tourist visa. On successful approval, you get the visa grant number, the date from which your visa starts and your visa conditions.

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