Ahmedabad City Tours, Ahmedabad Sightseeing

In 1411 A.D., Ahmedabad was established besides the banks of Sabarmati river. Previously it was known as Ashaval and Karnavati. The finest part of India can be found here in form of Islamic monuments and wonderful Jain & Hindu temples. The historical monuments & temples reflect architectural beauty of ancient times.

UNESCO conferred Ahmedabad city as World Heritage City in July 2017. By this, Ahmedabad became the first city of India to have the heritage value recognized by the world body. That announcement day was a pride moment for the people of India. Citizens of Ahmedabad expressed their joys in various ways.

Besides the vibrant nature of the city, Ahmedabad is known as city of pols (neighborhoods). This is the unique ancient town planning. These self-contained neighborhoods provide shelter to large number of people. Narrow lanes of pols meet at cross roads where community wells and chabutaras are still present. Pols have gates as well as secret passages. Overall these village-like living arrangements make it unique and point of attractions.

While on Ahmedabad city tour, tourists should visit the old city of Ahmedabad for its architectural beauty, arts, culture, religious places to know the actual traditional values of the city. The Ahmedabad heritage has its own uniqueness and the beauty. Let us enjoy these with a heritage walk of the city.

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