Top 11 Places to Visit in Mauritius 2022 – Tourist Attractions

Top 11 Places to Visit in Mauritius 2020 - Tourist Attractions

Mauritius is indeed a beautiful place to spend your holidays. It is a big island surrounded by many small islands. White sand, blue water, mountains, world heritage sites declared by UNESCO, and many more things make it one of the attractive tourist places.

Top 11 Places to Visit in Mauritius 2022

There are many more things to explore in Mauritius, and here are some of the sites and activities you can visit and do during your visit.

Top 11 Places to Visit in Mauritius 2020 - Tourist Attractions

Tamarind Falls

Tamarind falls, or Seven Cascades have added up the beauty of Mauritius and make it one of the best places as a tourist attraction. It is the highest falls of Mauritius situated at the height of 290 meters located near Henrietta Village and in Black River Gorges National Park. There total of seven simultaneous falls, which makes it more charming and splendid.

Even though with exotic vegetation and rich with tranquil, the beaches and island of this place offer breathtaking views, yet the waterfall is almost unexpected in such a place. It is heaven for bird waters, trekkers, and adventure seekers. You can do multiple adventure activities like hiking, canyoning, bird watching, cliff jumping, and swimming. November to May is the best time mesmerized by this place.

Light House of Albion, Pointe aux

Established on the west coast of Mauritius, the Albion Light House is the glory of Mauritius. It is not a location or a place but its architecture that makes this thing interesting. Since ancient times, it helps sailors to find their way in the sea. You can capture the best sunset photographs here. It offers a peaceful time and hence spends some time to visit this place.


Mahebourg, one of the most refreshing cities of Mauritius, attracts many tourists each year due to its charm. Do not avoid this place as it offers most views of a historical museum, delicious street food, the buzzing streets, and my favorite invigorating beaches from south to north.

At the National History Museum, you will get an idea about the ancient lifestyle of the island during the colonial period. Monday market focus on the textiles and silks and always busy and crowded place. You will also find food stalls there. There is the Rault Biscuit Factory, which is making biscuits since 1870.

Ilot Gabriel Beach, Gabriel Island

If you start traveling from the north coast of Mauritius island, then around 20 km, you will find one of the most exotic beaches named Ilot Gabriel. It is not such a famous place, but the beauty of this beach is wow! It is the undisturbed beach as very fewer people visit this place.

There are sunrise and sunset point, which has the power to defeat all the scenic beauty. During sunrise and sunset, the rays divided into different colors and spread across the emerald-colored water. Apart from the monsoon, you can visit this place all the time. The catamaran cruise is its highlighted activity to do.

Grand Baie near Port Louis

Grand Baie was named De Bogt Zonder Eyndt, which means a bay without end. It is about 30 minutes away from Port Louis. Due to its water sports and blue waters, it becomes one of the major tourist attractions.

Swimming, windsurfing, and sailing are the top three activities to enjoy. This place is ideal for boat excursion lovers. Gunner’s Quoin, Flat Island, and Serpent Island are three perfect places for it. The shopping centers focus on craft and fashion and become one of the famous places for shopping. Even some of the shops at Grand Vaie is older than 50 years. The best time to visit this place is from May to November.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

As the name suggested, this place left you speechless. It is comprised of sand of seven different colors and hence become one of the tourist attraction. And if you come home without seeing Chamarel Coloured Earth, your trip to Mauritius will be merely incomplete.

Due to the hot weather, the dunes faded away, and you can see different colors of the sand like cyan, purple, black, and reddish. Even if you mix the colored sand, it will automatically be settled in different colors. Geologist recommends visiting this place during the time of sunrise.

Black River Gorges National Park, Louis Port

located in the west part of Mauritius about 38 km away from Louis Port, this park gives you a chance to explore the largest national park in Mauritius. It is an excellent place for trekkers and nature lovers. When you visit this park, you will enjoy and experience the true beauty of nature.

It is easy to reach this place. Many hiking places and waterfalls are inside this park. For bird watchers, it is not less than any delightful experience as there are many endemic species of birds live here, including echo parakeet, Mauritius Kestrel, and the pink pigeon. You will find more than 300 species of flowers.

Catamaran Cruise in Rivière Noire

Mauritius is a big island surrounded by many small islands. The majority of the islands are isolated and small. Some have fantastic snorkeling, white-sand beaches, and other amazing activities, whereas some are filled with rock and sea.

If you in Mauritius, then your trip would be incomplete without taking a boat tour to explore this island near to the coast of Mauritius. One such visit is Mauritius Catamaran Cruise in Rivière Noire. It is one of the famous one-day trip destinations for visitors. Do not worry; your appetite accompanies delicious lunch and drinks.

Chamarel Waterfalls

Located about 52 km from Louis’s point, Chamarel Waterfalls are one of the largest waterfalls of Mauritius. The falls are surrounded by the flora of Black Rive Gorges and look so beautiful. If you visit this place, you can also get the opportunity to view the Black River, National Park.

To reach the Chamarel waterfalls, you have to walk so those with any feet problem can avoid this place if possible. However, this place is worth a visit if you are exploring around the south-west part of Mauritius.

Le Morne Brabant

Since 2008, Le Morne Brabant declared as a Heritage Site by UNESCO. Rugged mountain breathing on the peninsula of Morne, Le Morne Brabant, is one of the most preserved mountains for any island. Trekkers and adventure lovers love this place a lot. This mountain was once the savior for runaway slaves, maroons, and those who tried to commit suicides.

It is the witness of the maroon republic movement that prevents slave traders. The tall cliff blocked all the escapers from entering another side of the mountain, and slowly the small community formed. The month of August to November is best to visit this place. You can go hiking and trekking and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

Le Morne beach at peninsula on the West Coast

Want to enjoy Scenic beauty? If yes, then Le Morne Beach is your place. The mighty mountains surround it. Your stress will disappear within no time due to its calm and serene atmosphere. Crystal clear water at the beach will surely amaze you.

Water sport is challenging to perform, but you can take the help of trainers for it. For kite surfing and snorkeling, the place is ideal. If you are planning to visit, consider October to December and March to April months for it.


With this, we put a full stop on this post, but my friends do not miss the chance to visit this heavenly place. You will surely regret it if you miss it. And if you need any expert advice for your Mauritius Tour Packages, experts are here. Could you chat with us to solve your queries?

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