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Dubai is all time favourite shopping destination but Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 is the place where people love to pick their bags for Dubai and enjoy shopping. Dubai has almost 70 malls alone, and there are few more that add this year in the list. But all these are for rich people, high –end stores and big brands. Here the DSF Raffle 2018 comes in the role. Here you will find various products at the best deals from most reputed brands. So take a look at what is DSF 2019 and what one can buy from it.

What is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival was first introduced in 1996, but soon it becomes a tourist attraction. It can attract about 3 million visitors each year around the world. It is the largest shopping festival. Here one can get a huge discount on each item. With the shopping festival, there are many other unique activities takes place in each mall, tourist place, and parks and each year new innovative programs are introduced.

Dubai Shopping Festival Dates 2019:

The Dubai shopping festival mostly held for a month in the first month of the New Year. This year it will be held on 26th December 2018 to 28th January 2019. During these days all the malls work for a longer duration than the regular one so make sure that all visitors get enough time to shop.

Things to Buy In Dubai Shopping Festival 2019:

  • Apparels

If you think to buy designer cloth of known brands like Jack & Jones, Verri, Christian Louboutin, BOGGI, Armani, Bebe, Burberry, Rodeo Drive, Prada, then there are plenty of options are there that makes you amazed. You will find each and everything that you are looking for your wardrobe.

  • Gold Jewelry

I think all of us know the mall in Dubai with gold stores inside it and it is due to the low price of gold and making, intricate designs, and most importantly the purity. So Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 is an excellent chance to buy some gold or white gold Jewelery for yourself.

  • Gadgets

Why Dubai attract the gadget geeks most because one can get all the latest device with tax. Apart from this one will also get various products of the best name in tech lines like Apple, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Vertu, Bose, Fujitsu, and Cross Gold at a cheap rate.

  • Perfumes and Cosmetics

I know many people who like to collect the most precious and high-end perfume and cosmetics in their collection, and if you are one of them, then the good news is you will find the brands like Bvlgari, Chanel, De Beers, Burberry, and many more and you know it is all duty-free.

  • Watches

Pick the best from the normal one to diamond-studded watches of your favorite brand whether it is Cartier, ICW, Rado, Kors, Michael, Burberry or any other at a great discount.

  • Leather Bags and Jackets

Beside tourist place, Dubai is also known for its best quality leather. Go and pick lather good of Jashanmal, Sharief, Burberry, Condotti, or Prada.

  • Home Decor

Cover your floor with best design carpet at 50 to 75% discount. And yes do not worry about carpet space as you will get the carpets for all possible floor space.

  • Exotic Spices / Dry Fruits / Food

You will find all the best and exotics spice around the world however you will not get a hefty discount but the taste worth the price. Even you will also find some local as well as worldwide known food dishes in Dubai during DSF 2019.

So I think all these are enough to attract anyone to the Dubai Shopping Festival 2019. What is your reason to attend DSF of 2019? Share with us using the comment section below.


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